3 Easy Tips for Staying Fit when it's Cold

3 Easy Tips for Staying Fit when it's Cold

When you think about the colder seasons, your brain likely focuses of the 3 F's: Food, Family, and Football!

While we're not huge fans of football 🙃; family & food is definitely on the list of things we look forward to in the latter part of the year. 

One thing that should remain at the forefront of your mind as you enter Fall season is doubling down on your fitness goals. It's super easy to get off track; I meannnnn, you're eating good, enjoying time with friends and family, filling up on comfort foods and tasting pies; need we say more!

But sis, don't lose track of the goal to be physically fit! Even if you feel like it's too cold to go to the gym at 5am; turn that into a 5am at home workout. We've been there, and constantly go there, so we get it! Eat the pie, because life is about balance and we'd never tell to stop eating anything, but remember the word MODERATION. 

Go into the new year with the experience of committing and sticking to a goal, not waiting until 2023 starts to begin your journey. This is a pep talk to you and ourselves because we want to hold each other accountable, right? If you're committed to continue with your fitness journey and create new goals throughout the rest of the year, comment: I'M IN in the comments! We want to root for your and help you hold yourself accountability to hitting your fitness goals. 


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