5 Band Moves to Grow your Glutes

5 Band Moves to Grow your Glutes

It's getting cold outside and you want to keep up with your exercise routine, grow your glutes, and stay at home. We got you! Our nude resistance bands will take your booty gains to a whole new level! 

Here are the best workouts to do with resistance bands to grow your glutes and leg muscles.


1. LEG LIFTS - This exercise can be done standing up or on your knees if you need more support. The moving leg goes straight up. Keep your foot flexed. If standing, this is also great for balance. 

Resistance band exercise - Leg Lift




2. SQUATS - Perfect for your legs and your glutes and can be done in different variations such as narrow squat, sumo squat, elevated for a deeper squat, etc. 

Resistance Band Workouts - Squats





3. Donkey Kicks - Make sure the leg is bent when completing this move. You can also pulse your leg for more of a burn. 

Resistance band exercise - Donkey Kick




4. Glute Bridge - You will feel the burn. Remember to keep your knees apart on the way up and down. You can also pulse while doing this move or stagger your feet for a different variation to focus more on one glue at a time. 

Resistance band exercise - Glute Bridge

 5. Side Frog Lift - Great workout for a glute burn. Perfect if you need support. 

Resistance band exercise - Side Frog Lift


With our resistance bands you get a low, medium, and heavy bands to use in case you need to dial it back or go a little harder. We also include a workout guide as well! For a limited time, use Code: BLOG to save some $$. Click here to shop: NUDE RESISTANCE BANDS


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