5 Must Do Outdoor Exercises

5 Must Do Outdoor Exercises

Now that summer is on the horizon, it's the perfect time to take your gym workouts outside. There are a ton of benefits of exercising outside from meeting new people, being out in nature, to just getting some fresh air. When it comes to outdoor workouts, here are 5 exercises you absolutely need to do, in no particular order. 


1. JOG - one of the easiest exercises to do. With this you can go at your own pace whether that's a brisk walk or a full on run. Locations are endless. Keep it simple and jog the neighborhood, find a local park with a track, or run around the community if sidewalks are available. If you're like us, there is nothing worse that running and having your chest bounce all over the place. At times it can be painful. Thankfully we have the BEST secure sports bras that are perfect for this sort of thing. Our seamless sports bras are secure, come in 8 colors, and just what you need to get the job done.

2. RIDE A BIKE - Bring back your childhood memories with a bike ride. There's nothing like feeling the wind against your skin while pedaling full speed on a bicycle. You can take it slow with a cruiser or up the anti with a mountain bike or something more powerful depending on your goals. Remember that exercising doesn't always have to be high impact. Have fun with it! Bike riding will do exactly that for you and you'll still feel the burn. We have the PERFECT biker shorts for cycling! For a limited time, get free shipping when you grab some w/Code: FREE99. 

3. SWIM - Make sure you know how to swim of course. If not, now would be the perfect time to sign up for swim lessons at your local YMCA or rec center. There's something about being in the water that makes you feel so free so if you can; jump in a pool or visit the nearest, safest body of water that you can. Not only is it a great calorie burning workout, it's fun!

4. ROLLER BLADING/SKATING - Speaking of fun, now enters roller blading/skating. If you have smooth pavement close by or a skate park, this would  be a fun way of getting in some cardio. It could even turn into a family event like any of the other options provided. You'll be sure to have a blast doing this!

5. HIKING - This one will take some planning in advance as far as location, gear, and supplies but it'll be well worth it! Hiking checks all the boxes: fun, great workout, community, and an amazing sense of accomplishment. Plus, being out in the open air is a feeling like no other. If you decide to go this route, make sure you're hydrated prior to starting and have water and snacks with you along the journey!

Out of the 5 mentioned, which will you likely do? Which would you never do? Let us know in the comments!

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