Beginner Fitness Workouts? We Got You!

Beginner Fitness Workouts? We Got You!

Starting a new routine in anything is daunting, especially when you have no idea what to do. Don't worry, we're here to help! 😉

One of the easiest ways to start AND stay consistent with your workouts is by sticking to the basics. You remember high school gym class? Yeah, basic like that! We're talking jumping jacks, squats, sit-ups, pushups, walking or running laps. You get the jest? Cool.

Now pick your fav 3 or 4 exercises and turn it into a workout. Start by taking a nice 15 minute walk or jog to warm up your body and activate your muscles, then it's time to get to business!

All that's left is for you to do your 3 exercises of choice. If it's pushups, jumping jacks, and squats. Try to do 10 of each, take a short break and repeat at least 3 times. If you have more in you, keep going!

The best things about these workouts....NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED. They can always be added once you're certain you have the correct form down to prevent injuries.

The goal of starting a new fitness routine is building up consistency which will turn your new routine into a habit. Don't worry about how much you can lift just yet, work on consistency FIRST

You're going to be stronger in no time! What other questions do have about working out?

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