10 Easiest No Equipment Exercises

10 Easiest No Equipment Exercises

If anyone ever told you that you couldn't get in a great workout without equipment, they are 100% WRONG!

You can burn a great amount of calories using body weight if you so desire. This includes cardio and strength training exercises. Here's a rundown of our favorite moves when weights aren't an option.

Top 10 Easiest No Equipment Exercises

1. Walking/Jogging

2. Jumping Jacks

3. Squats

4. Pushups

5. Lunges

6. Burpees

7. Plank

8. Glute Bridges

9. Flutter kicks

10. Mountain climbers

Want an easy way to create your workout? Perfect (because we know you said Yes)! 😉

Pick your favorite 4 exercises from the list above and do it for 45 seconds each, then take a 15 second break before moving on to the next one. After completing all 4, take a 1 minute break then start again until you've reached your goal. 

Take a screenshoot or make sure to bookmark this for the next time you need a quick workout routine. As an extra bonus and because we love fitness enthusiasts like you, get 15% OFF your next activewear purchase from Monet Fit using Code: EMAIL. 


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