Fall into Fitness: 5 Tips for Shedding Those Extra Pounds!

Fall into Fitness: 5 Tips for Shedding Those Extra Pounds!

The temps are starting to drop, hoodie season is almost upon us and now is to time that you'll be tested when it comes to your weight loss goals. 

Don't worry, we're here to give you all the deets on how to continue to lose weight during the end of the year. 

Here are our Top 5 Tips to Lose Weight in the Fall

1. Stay consistent with your exercise routine. Don't let the cooler weather keep you in the house if you normally go to the gym. Stay consistent and committed. 

2. Eat soup. Yes, soup LOL. Not only is soup in the Fall/Winter season amazing to eat, it's also low calorie, doesn't take long to cook, and keeps you full. Chicken noodle, split pea, mushroom and barley, chicken tortilla, and beef vegetable soups are all great options among plenty of others to choose from.

3. Join a challenge. This is the time of year when people aren't outside as much so it can be hard to hold yourself accountable so why not recruit some enforcement and join a challenge or two. There are Dietbet challenges, squat challenges, meal prep challenges...if you can think of it, there's probably a challenge out there for it! Even better, start your own. 

4. Stock your kitchen with healthy choices and make them visible. There's no point of grabbing something in the back of the fridge so make sure to put the good healthy stuff front and center. This goes for the pantry and counters too. We're inclined to pick the closest thing to us to snack on so it might as well be something good for us.

5. Stay active. We're not talking about just exercise. Active in general. During the summer we're usually out and about more and towards the end of the year we tend to stay home and that's okay. Do activities at or near your home. Constant movement will add to your calorie burn so don't make it a habit sitting on the couch all day. You have goals to reach!

Which ones will you incorporate into your Fall routine? Let us know in the comments and use Code: BLOG for 15% off activewear at www.monetfit.com 

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