Gym vs Home Workouts | Which is Better?

Gym vs Home Workouts | Which is Better?

First, start off by giving yourself a pat on the back for being an active participant in the quality of your health and wellness! How do I know you care about your health? You're reading this!

Now let's get to it. Gym workouts or home workouts, which is best? Is there even a best? The short answer: YES. But, the caveat to that is it depends on a few factors such as, where you are in your fitness journey, your resources, your fitness goals, and accessibility. 


Think of your life as it is on this very day and answer these questions (grab a pen and paper): 


1. What are my fitness goals? (It can be as simple as walking 30/day to becoming a bodybuilder.)

2. How much am I willing and able to invest in my physical health? (This includes time and monetary investment; ie 30 mins/day and/or money for weights a stability ball, gym clothes, or a gym membership.)

3.  Which route (ie. gym or home workouts) would be easier for me to start and be consistent? (Do you have a lot of distractions at home? Is there a gym close to home or work?)

4. Do I thrive alone or in a group setting? (Will home workouts bore you or would you prefer being in a place with people that have similar goals?)

5. Do I need personal attention to succeed? (Would I be okay with watching Youtube for workouts or would a personal trainer or workout partner be better?)

Once you answer these questions, you'll know which route is better when it comes to home or gym workouts. Keep in mind that this can change depending on your goals. I'll let you in on a little secret....once you start to see changes in your body, it becomes addicting and you'll want to set more goals to crush!

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We hope this helps you make an informed decision on which route to go with your fitness journey. Let us know if doing this exercise changed your decision on where to workout or not. 

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