Hello August!

Hello August!

New month, Same goals...to be as healthy as you can be! Not just physical health either, we're talking about mental health, financial health, and spiritual health. đź’ž

With us being a few days into August, now is the perfect time to reflect on things that worked well in July and revisit obstacles you may have faced and what you can learn from them. 

Fitness is a lifestyle and the longest journey ever. Everyday is a new opportunity to rewrite your story.

Think positive. Do your best. Learn from your mistakes and keep going. 

What fitness breakthroughs are you pushing for this month?

  • Losing a certain amount of weight
  • Attending a certain amount of gym classes
  • Running a mile in a certain amount of time
  • Signing up for a race
  • Reducing your sugar intake

Drop a comment and let us know what goal you plan on crushing this month! 

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