Hello February!

Starting a new month is always an exciting time, especially when you have fitness goals you're working to reach. Not only are we in the 2nd month of 2022; it's also Black History Month!

If you weren't aware, Monet Fit is a black-owned, woman owned activewear brand based in Charlotte, NC. 

Our vision is to reach women who climb the corporate, social, or entrepreneurial ladder who need that extra boost to make their self care, more specifically their physical health, a priority. We encourage woman to embrace their curves and love their current body while working on their dream body through proper nutrition and exercise. 

We're super excited for this month! Though it is short, we'll be packing it with new arrivals, new content, and updates throughout the site. The long awaited resistance bands are coming ladies and they're exactly what you need to get your booty into shape!

There's no better time than TODAY to become a better you! Cheers to a sweat drenching, water drinking, booty building month! 

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