How I Got my Pre-Mom Body Back

How I Got my Pre-Mom Body Back

Life is already busy as it is, so with school about to start back up and Summer coming to an end, there's bound to be a little bit of stress with prioritizing your fitness and family life.

Don't worry, we got it covered! 

3 Ways to Prioritize Fitness & Mom Life

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan - Just like you'd schedule a doctor appointment, plan your workouts in advance. Having a calendar whether it's physical or electronic will make life so much easier.

  2. Workout early or late and stick to it - With kids it easier to get things done while they're asleep. If you're a morning person already, wake up an hour earlier to get in a great workout and if you're more of a night owl, wait until the kids go to bed to get your sweat on.

  3. Include your family - This can be a great way to show and encourage physical fitness to your children at any age. It could be as simple as riding bikes to doing workouts on YouTube. The options are limitless. They might hate it at first but they'll thank you later. The key is finding something you all like. ❤️


With these tips you're bound to find a way to keep exercise a priority regardless of what life throws your way. 

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