Is Pilates worth the Hype?

Is Pilates worth the Hype?

There are so many ways to get in a great workout. You have the gym, yoga, Youtube, cycling, kickboxing, pilates, and so many more. After hearing about it in rap lyrics and having some of our favorite celebs aka Lori Harvey talking about it, we had to give pilates a try. 


Lori Harvey's toned abs from at MET gala showing off pilates workout

 In one of Ebony's articles about the entrepreneur and socialite, it states,

"... in a cutout gown that emphasized her incredibly toned abs. In a recent TikTok, the 25-year-old model opened up about the workout responsible for her rock-solid core: Pilates."

 So what is pilates exactly? 

It's a low impact workout that tones muscles, improves postural alignment, increases flexibility, and targets your core and can also be a full body workout depending on the moves done.

Lori goes on to emphasize that Pilates alone is not responsible for her 15 pound weight loss. She also incorporated a strict calorie deficit as well. 

We here at Monet Fit had to give the exercise a try and do you want to know our thoughts? (of course you do!)


We went to a Pilates studio and took an introductory class and ended up taking a few more classes after that because we loved it so much. No two workouts are the same, EVER. When going to a studio that uses a reformer, the instructors incorporate moves that work you core, glutes, legs, and more. They may use light free weights, a spring board, and a ball as well. 

Our recommendation?

You have to try it at least once and we guarantee you'll fall in love. Because we love you so much, and we really want you to try Pilates out, we're working with Classpass to give you 2 WEEKS FREE of trying Pilates or whatever workout you choose with this link. CLICK HERE.

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So, what are your thoughts on pilates? Comment below if you'll give it a try.

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I will definitely give Pilates a try. Thanks for the info!! And I can’t wait to kickstart my new fitness goals with my new Monet Fit Set.


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