Navigating Back to School & Fitness

Navigating Back to School & Fitness

Hey Fit Bae,

Kids or not, back to school time effects EVERYBODY. Traffic is a bit thicker, schedules have to be rearranged and time management is of the upmost importance if you plan on being on point with your fitness routine.

I know first hand the challenges of juggling this time of year and workouts, so here are 8 tips to keep your fitness routine on track:

  1. Early Bird Wins: Rise with the sun – sneak in a workout before the morning rush. You'll be amazed at the energy boost and its the best way to knock it off your to-do list.

  2. Lunch Break Hustle: Swap lunch prep for a quick HIIT session. You'll return to your desk like a boss, with endorphins to spare. You gotta eat though, so if you have a short time period for lunch; eat then go for a quick 10 minute walk.

  3. Tag-Team Fitness: Got kids? Get them involved! Turn workouts into a family dance party or mini boot camp.

  4. Calendar Power: Schedule workouts like important meetings. Health deserves a spot on the agenda.

  5. Snack Smart: Pre-pack healthy snacks to combat afternoon slumps and make that post-gym salad or smoothie even more enticing.

  6. 2-in-1 Activities: Combine playdates with workout buddies. Socializing + squats = winning combo!

  7. Tech-Assisted Triumph: Fitness apps and virtual classes bring the gym home – say hello to workout freedom!

  8. Treat Yo' Self: Hit fitness milestones? Treat yourself to something special. New workout set, anyone? 👀 (We got you! CLICK HERE)

Embrace the school year with a flex – because you got this!

Shantel Monet

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