Spring Cleaning: Fitness Edition

Spring Cleaning: Fitness Edition

Spring 2022 is officially here and what better way to begin than cleaning...but make it fitness! 😜

We don't know about you but Spring gives us pastel colors, ice cream eating, and wearing less and going out more vibes (shout out to Drake 😘). 

As it relates to fitness, now's the perfect time to dust off your bike, skateboard, or roller blades and hit the pavement. Long sleeve sets are starting to make their way towards the back of the closet and hoodies are replacing winter coats. Psst... we have some 🔥 fitness hoodies for ya! (Code: EMAIL15 for 15% off!)

If you're more of a walk/runner, going to the park or finding local trails are great go-to areas to exercise solo or in a group setting. 

One thing that excites us the most is just being outside. After being mandated to stay in for the past few Springs, it's nice to actually be out in nature again. Take advantage of it! 💕

With the new season, new arrivals will be dropping as well. Stay tuned and make sure you're on our email list to get the deets! 

Before you leave we have to ask, what are you most excited about this Spring?


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