Summer Vacay Must Do Workouts

Summer Vacay Must Do Workouts

Summer is Here!

Before you overpack your suitcase with *just in case jeans*, maxi dresses, and 50 bathing suits, don't forget to include workout clothes! Regardless of your destination, these are some workouts you can do from anywhere! Here are so ways you can have some Summer fun while breaking a sweat. 😅

First up, Walking on the Beach. There's something about waking up before the sun (and everyone else) and taking a nice long walk on the beach while the water flows over your toes. Take pictures, be one with nature, and burn a few calories with this one.

Since we're in the water already, we couldn't go on without including Surfing, Snorkeling, and Swimming. Vacations including a beach are so fun and doing any of these activities will make memories worth a lifetime. Throw on your bathing suit and get wild (while being safe!). 

Now that we've gotten water out the way, let's move into some fun land workouts. Queue, Yoga! Perfect for stretching, toning, balance, and peace. Doesn't matter if you're doing it alone or with a group. Doing yoga outside will always be top tier! We have the perfect yoga gear on our site. Grab yours within the next 48 hours and get 15% off using Code: EMAIL

If you're looking to work up a nice sweat, Beach Volleyball or Hiking may be up your alley! It's fun, competitive, you can make new besties, plus your workout for the day will be complete! 

We hope you like this short list of Summer Vacay Must Do Workouts! While you're out there burning calories, make sure you're staying hydrated and wearing sunscreen too!

We have to ask....Which one will you try on your next vacation?

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