Top 5 Tips for Fitness Beginners

Top 5 Tips for Fitness Beginners

Congratulations! You want to start a new fitness journey or you've already started but not quite sure if you're doing it right; either way---WELCOME!

Starting something new, especially a fitness routine can seem quite intimidating, especially for fitness newbies which we'd consider to be someone who has been working out for less than 6 months consistently. Read below for our Top 5 Tips for Fitness Beginners.



  1. Just Start: One of the biggest obstacles most people encounter with starting a new routine, especially a physical one, is the motivation to start to begin with. Talking about working out isn't the same as the action of working out. Less talking more action. Pick a day and start. Doesn't matter if it's 15 minutes of walking, it's a start and something that you should be proud of accomplishing. Once you start, you're one step closer to meeting your weight loss or weight gain goal.
  2. Have a Goal: With ANY goal you set, you want to have a plan to reach them. Unfortunately this is where most fitness beginners go wrong. The plan is either non-existent or it's too narrow and leaves little to no room for error. When starting your new fitness journey, incorporate small goals. Starting out by throwing away all of your junk food, committing to working out 5x/week, and walking 10K steps/day is a bit much for anyone, especially a fitness newbie. Your main goal should be to build consistency and it varies for everyone. It could be walking for 15 mins after your lunch break M - F, or drinking 8 oz of water with lunch & dinner, or taking a beginner Zumba class twice a week. Choose something that is a step up from what you're currently doing and commit to actually doing it for a specified amount of time. Then build on that.
  3. Find Your Community: Fitness gets fun and you hold yourself accountable when you're part of a community. Seek out other people that have the same goals as you. In today's digital world, this can be done remotely as well. Maybe you and your accountability partner make sure you're up and putting on gym clothes at the same time, or check off a workout to be completing by the end of the day. Facebook is known for their community groups; search Beginner Fitness groups and see what pops up, also try searching your local area to see what you find.
  4. Know that you will Make Mistakes: It's called a fitness journey for a reason. There will be up and downs along the way and this goes from fitness beginners to fitness pros. The goal is learn from your mistakes and keep going. Don't be so hard on yourself for missing a workout or eating more than you should. Life is all about balance, fitness goals included. As long as you don't give up, you're still on the right path!
  5. Celebrate your Wins: You've starting something new and you're sticking to it right? Celebrate that! You're already ahead of others who have only talked about it. It's so easy to acknowledge a failure but so hard to clap for ourselves when we've accomplished something. Don't be that person. Celebrate all wins, big or small! It could be treating yourself to something after you've hit a goal, making a social media post clapping for yourself, or just saying "I DID IT". You deserve recognition and the most important person it should come from 1st is YOU!


Take pictures! Relying solely on the scale will have you discouraged and confused. Progress pictures, noticing how your clothes feel on your body, any mood/attitude/behavior changes should all be noted. Starting a new fitness journey is more than physical. You will discover how starting a healthy fitness routine will effect everything in your life for the better. Congratulations for doing this for you! Good luck and keep going!

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